Sunday, April 15, 2007

Angus John Donald Cameron update


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Rhoda and I were down at the BC archives, Victoria, BC in late March 2007 and were able to confirm a few more item for this Angus John Doanld Cameron Family edition 2006 ; as follows;

John Angus MacDonald died Feb 18, 1941 age 74 in Creston BC, Obit Creston Review, FP Feb 24, 41, book Ref p.15 son of Angus & Flora, husband of Carlotte Jane Dobbie who died Sep 29, 1936.

Robert Herbert Ross died Aug 20, 1923, age 58, obit Cranbrook Courier FP Aug 24th 1923, mar. Mar 19, 1913, Catherine Margaret McDonald dau of Angus & Flora, Katherine Margaret McDonald died Aug 21 1938 age 68, bk ref p 16

Norman Donald Cameron died Jan 1, 1931, age 50, Vancouver. son of Angus & Flora, Bk Ref p.3

Angus Donald Cameron died Nov 28, 1965 age 72, Bk Ref p.21, husband of Minnie Schuler who died June 5 1964 age 67.

P.30 line 161 where it reads Donald Campbell, Donald should read Murdoch.

Alex W Fraser 4/15/7
Glengarry County Genealogy & Books

Wednesday, April 4, 2007



Announcing The Descendants of Angus, John and Donald Cameron 1972 by Gertrude Cameron 2006 update by Alex W Fraser, Rhoda Ross with many additional obituaries, BMD, Gravestones Inscriptions etc. now 88 pages, softcover, cerlox bound, ISBN 978-0-921307-19-8,

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